Monday, October 19, 2009

Adventures in the Movie Theater

This weekend, I went to see Zombieland. It was my first time seeing a movie in the theater with my new hearing aids, and I was curious to compare my previous experiences.

In the past, I've always had to be careful when picking out a movie to see. Movies with characters who have accents have always been difficult for me, and movies that have a lot of background noise or people shouting over explosions are just as difficult. Sometimes, a movie I thought would be okay turned out to be difficult. In Push, for example, I understood probably about 45% of the dialogue, almost, but not quite, enough to follow the story. (I still need to see that on DVD with subtitles.)

Open-captioned movies are just fine, but the movie theaters around here rarely show films that way and they're not often movies I'm interested in seeing.

I was very happy with my experience at Zombieland. Not only was it a great, funny movie, but I could understand almost all of it. Whereas before I'd understand around 75% of the dialogue of any given film, in Zombieland I caught about 90%. Some of it was the film itself - it's pretty quiet without a lot of noise, and a good chunk of it is the main character narrating - but I could tell a difference in my understanding of the dialogue beyond that. Even the whispers! I was very excited.

Thank you, Zombieland, for being so funny, and for being my first introduction into truly understanding movies at the theater.

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