Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bleedin' Ears

I was fitted for my new hearing aids, a pair of Oticon Epoqs this past Tuesday, September 29th. So far, I'm happy and impressed with the sound, but my analysis of what I can hear now and what's different will go in another entry, soon, because I want to have a personal record of my thoughts about the aids.

Although I was supposed to receive silicone earmolds with the aids, the company molded the wrong type and so I got Oticon's 'power domes' instead. Within just a few days I realized... these things hurt. It was a strange sensation, an ache, like somebody was stabbing the inside of my ear. I decided I would ask my audiologist for the "real molds" at my appointment initially scheduled for tomorrow and went through the week and a half with my ears hurting every day. I would take out my right aid every evening (it's my lower-functioning ear, so I rely on it less) and take ibuprofen for the pain.

Well, this morning I discovered my ears were literally getting torn up by the domes. I realized this when the pain in my left ear was so much I had to pull it out, only to discover the dome covered in blood. I know. That's such a great image, isn't it?

So I went off to the audiologist early and he exclaimed over how he'd never seen anyone's ear get torn up like mine from the domes. He made impressions of my ear for my new molds and pulled out the initial 'wrong' molds for me to use in the meantime. My ear still aches... but after a shower and ibuprofen, I feel better.

Have you ever had impressions taken of your ear for earmolds? Depending on the type of hearing aid, it's not always a requirement. But it's always interesting. You get sticky stuff poured in your ear and have to sit around opening and closing your mouth, like a cow chewing cud, for several minutes to get an accurate impression. I always feel so ridiculous - and it itches! But it's always worth it. Earmolds are so comfortable, especially silicone ones.

In a week I should have my new, proper molds. I'm excited! In the meantime let me treat you to a timeline of my hearing aids since August.

My old (so old I don't know the brand - at least 10 years old) hearing aids, with my almost-as-old purple and pink earmolds:

My old hearing aids with new silicone molds, as of August 31st:

My new hearing aids with the Oticon domes on September 29th:

And as of today, October 8, my new hearing aids with the makeshift molds (with the speaker jammed unhappily inside):

I can't wait for the next iteration... hopefully this one will be permanent!


  1. I have been wearing opticon hearing aids for awhile now and have had to get them repaired many times due to the speaker breaking or what not. I'm using the special opticon molds but didn't realize you can use the older style molds. I hate the maintenance I have to constantly do on my molds. I'm glad I found your blog as I think we may have quite a few things in common.

    I've got my own blog at

  2. I tried to link your post on my blog but it doesn't appear to allow it. I did add you to my follow list.

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