Tuesday, November 10, 2009

AbleGamers: A Resource for Accessibility in Video Games

One of the news bits circling around gaming blogs lately is the story of Alexander Stern, a visually impaired gamer who has sued Sony for what he says is a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act in their games. Whether or not te suit is valid is, of course, up to the courts to decide. Of course I am a proponent of making games as accessible as possible, whether for the hearing, sight, or mobility impaired. There are so many small, cheap, or even free things games can do to make their games accessible for everyone. Recently I was happy to see that Dragon Age has full, vibrant subtitles, for example, as does Tekken 6.

While reading about this news (and boy, did I read about it - the same article, over and over, repeated on all of the gaming blogs I read), one blog linked back to AbleGamers. I think that blog wasn't actually a gaming blog but was this post on AbledBody; I don't think many of the game blogs I read did much research other than post the story online. Anyway, I took a look at AbleGamers and so far I am liking their site. With informaiton about accessibility in specific games so difficult to find online, I think AbleGamers is going to be a useful source for me; I'm passing it on to anyone reading this blog as a resource.

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