Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm Fond of Quick Appointments

I just got back from my appointment with my audiologist to let him know about the pain I've been having in my right ear. It was a very quick appointment - he took a look at my ear and saw a scratch but also went ahead and filed down the mold itself in case it was too big. He gave me some lubricant to put on for a few days and set me up with an appointment in 2 weeks.

He also gave me four packs of batteries, which is awesome. I am getting batteries for free from them for 3 years, and I like having a lot of the little guys laying around, so a stash is great for me. I'm getting just 3 days out of the Energizer brand, but 7 days out of the Ray-O-Vac Proline batteries I've been getting lately.

So far I've not been having any of the same pain. He was also worried about feedback, and while I have heard some, it's nothing extreme and not frequent. I'm feeling optimistic!


  1. excellent. Man, those batteries are eating my budget alive!

  2. I know, batteries are terribly expensive!


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