Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"My Football Game" Adds Accessibility to Football Video Games

"My Football Game" is the result of a collaboration between EA Games, a notable publisher and developer of many video games, and VTree, a developer of software for the disabled. It's a PC game that can be played by those with developmental and physical disabilities.

The game takes the elements of what makes football-based video games so popular and transforms the way it's played to make anyone a football star. It uses the familiar EA Sports game engine with modifications based on input from disabled gamers, rehabilitation experts and wounded veterans.
According to this article at AbleGamers, My Football Game has a lot of really neat and useful features. You can turn the speed of the game way down to allow you to process what's going on on the field and make decisions, you can play entirely with the keyboard, and you can progress through the game gradually, developing necessary skills before moving on to the actual play.

I think My Football Game is an excellent idea, and, more importantly, an excellent implementation of the concept. Hopefully, the game will reach beyond rehabilitation centers and reach the wide variety of gamers with disabilities who want to play a good game of football.

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