Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Oticon Goes On Safari - Just for Kids

Another thing I would have loved when I was a kid, along with Siemens' pediatric kit - Oticon has introduced a new group of hearing aids for babies up through teens called the Safari.

The Safari uses Bluetooth technology like my Epoqs, can use the Streamer and has a cool LED light on the top of the aid that lets you know if it's working properly. Which I think would be an advantage over the happy little "Welcome to the world of hearing!"-style chime that plays when my Epoqs start up.

What is really cool, I think, is that it uses the Streamer. Kids always want the latest technology, and what could be cooler for the user of one of these devices than to have an awesome Bluetooth attachment that nobody else can have? Not to mention the added incentive to wear the aids, if they're the way the kid listens to music and answers their cell phone.

And the aid apparently comes with stickers, a range of color choices and cool design patterns. I wonder if you can mix and match daily? Coordinating your aid to your outfit would be awesome. Especially for a style-conscious teenager.


  1. these are great! I so wish we could get some. Bluetooth is the future. We're still stuck with FM which is a PAIN IN THE A**

  2. Bluetooth is awesome! Like a whole other world.


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