Monday, November 16, 2009

A Peek In My Purse

I thought it would be fun today to talk about the things I carry around with me in my purse that help me with hearing, and hearing aid maintenance. The photo above is everything I bring with me on a daily basis.
Cleaning Cloth - At least I think this is a cleaning cloth. It was in my spiffy, well-organized "welcome" box from Oticon when I got my aids. It's in my purse because I stuffed it in there with everything else from the box. I guess it would be nice to use to handle the aid without getting oils from your fingers on it. Or maybe to buff your earmold to a perfect shine and blind everyone you walk past.

Batteries - The ones in the picture are Energizer 312s, but I am using the Ray-O-Vac Proline now. Energizer gives me 3 days of use out of a battery. The Prolines give me 7. I think we know who wins there.

Oticon carrying case thingie - I do not know what this is actually for, but I stuff the cloth and the magnet pen thing (see below) into it. It's a nice little white leather thing. Not for the hearing aids themselves. Oticon gave me a cool, hard magnetic case for them.

Magnetic pen poky thing - One side of that thing is magnetic (for handling your batteries without those pesky finger oils) and one side is a poky thing. The poky thing is for getting the teensy tiny "wax guard" out of your earmold and replacing it without having to fumble around with your huge, clumsy fingers. I have not used it yet. I'm terrible on my batteries and touch them all the time. Edit: Scotty just pointed out that it also opens up to reveal a tiny, tiny little brush. This thing is awesome. Also, the poky part is probably not for the wax guards, because they have their own applicator. That leaves it a mystery, I suppose.

LG Versa cell phone - I enumerated in this post why I selected the LG Versa as my new cell phone shortly after picking out my hearing aids.

Streamer - Some days I use my Streamer, some days I don't. I keep it with me, though, because it's an incredibly useful little device and I can't get over how nice music and phone calls sound through it.


  1. how very well organized you are with your hearing aid supplies.

    i need to be more like this!

  2. 3 days for the energizer batteries? Great my last good battery died this week and I bought some energizer batteries at the local supermarket since it was all they had. I'll have to see how long these last.


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