Monday, November 23, 2009

Your Vocabulary Word of the Day is "Entrainment"

Today, I had another appointment with my audiologist. He took a look at my aids, cleaned them up, looked in my ears and then had me fill out a survey about my hearing aids. I was able to answer positively for all of the questions - I've had such a big help from these hearing aids since I got them, and situations I formerly found difficult to hear in are now much easier for me.

I also learned a new word today - entrainment. I mentioned one kind of odd thing I've been experiencing - something I'm not used to. When a loud, high-pitched sound goes off, it almost sounds like it's echoing or continuing in my ear even after the actual sound stops. For example, at the library I work at, our security gates do it to me every time. When someone sets off the gates the alarm sounds for longer in my ears than it does for everyone else. The same goes for something like a pan clattering on the floor - I can hear it for longer than it actually makes sounds. My audiologist referred to this as "entrainment", when the hearing aid gets confused because the sound's frequency is the same frequency as feedback, so it just gets into a loop.

He mentioned that my aids might buzz in my ears when I pass through a set of security gates. My old aids did this all the time, but my current ones haven't yet. I got so I didn't notice the buzzing all that often - I don't think it will be annoying if my current aids do it.

He did a feedback test and found that my molds are a good fit for my ears and I shouldn't get much actual feedback. It's lucky the entrainment doesn't annoy me too much, because there isn't much that can be done about it.

Hopefully this will be the last time I have to go in for an appointment for another six months. I have my fingers crossed!


  1. interesting. I hadn't heard of that. I wonder if that is some of what Queen Teen has been complaining about. She says her ears "copy" her.

  2. My daughter just got new oticon safari 312, and she immediately noticed some added sounds, especially around tvs and fluorescent lights.

    Turning the lights on and off make a special click too. When I listen, it's not in the same frequency band as the normal whine of fluorescent bulbs.

    It almost seems like RF interference with some of the electronics.



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