Monday, December 7, 2009

Mass Effect

Last month I wrote about the game Dragon Age: Origins, how much I liked it and how I was handling playing it with my hearing loss. Well, Dragon Age is still awesome, but I got just a bit too emotionally invested in the ending, so I'm on a break. Unfortunately I've been sucked into another Bioware game, Mass Effect. Scotty played this game quite awhile ago and I enjoyed watching him every once in awhile, but I never played myself until just recently.

The thing I love about Bioware games, both Dragon Age and Mass Effect, is the story behind them. Mass Effect has just as good a story as Dragon Age with familiar elements like conversing with characters, romance plotlines and the fun, engaging side quests. It is almost as accessible as Dragon Age, too. There is the option for subtitles and, again, almost, but not quite, everything is subtitled. All of the conversations are, but occasionally in the middle of missions the people you have on your team will come out with something. A few times I haven't caught it and that's been frustrating. For the most part, though, Mass Effect handles sound well. I really like the use of quality voice acting. The better a voice actor is, the easier they will be to understand, and the more clear their voice sounds.

The sequel to Mass Effect comes out in January, and now that I am into the game and the plotline, I can't wait to see what the next installment brings to the table.

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