Saturday, December 12, 2009

Target Field and the Minnesota Twins set standards for accommodation

I was excited to read about the Minnesota Twins' new Target Field and all of the accessibility accommodations the stadium is making. When so many people say that accommodations are too expensive, impractical or wouldn't get used, it is refreshing to see people who have put genuine thought into the design of a stadium that will be used by hundreds of thousands of people.

The official website goes into some detail about the accommodations, but mainly just seat accessibility. This article from Finance & Commerce goes into more detail. In addition to wider aisles for wheelchairs, Braille and large-print menus at the counter and an open concourse that allows for full view of the field, the stadium will also feature outfield captioning boards, and devices at ticket windows that will help hearing impaired fans communicate with the ticket sellers.

Going to a ball game is always a challenge for somebody with any disability. With my hearing impairment I have quite a few difficulties each time. The loudness of the croud alternately hurts my ears and prevents me from communicating with the people I came with. The sheer amount of people just talking in the stadium leads to so much noise I can't talk to anyone selling anything or keep track of the game. So, I am very excited to see these advances, even if I never go to Target Field. It takes one example for everyone else to see the advantages.

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