Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A University of Arizona Class to Help People Cope

Today I was excited to read (through About.com Deafness) about a five-week class at the University of Arizona with a goal to "help adults with hearing loss learn coping skills."

One of the things that concerns me is adults - not just the elderly but anyone - who shows signs of hearing loss but blames other people or won't get the help they need. As someone who has dealt with hearing loss for decades I can't help but feel concern, particularly if they are showing signs of having trouble coping with things I deal with every day.

Of course, to take this class, the adult in question needs to recognize the hearing loss and not be beat down by it. They need to be empowered by it enough to recognize that it is something for which changes need to be made - but those changes needn't be difficult, time-consuming or emotionally draining. The class covers self-advocacy along with information about devices and hearing aids that can help.

I live in Arizona and I'm so glad of the new information this article has given me - I may be far away from Tucson but the knowledge can shine on here.

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