Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dragon Age: Origins is the 2009 Accessible Game of the Year

AbleGamers, a website for gamers with disabilities, has named my personal favorite game of the year, Dragon Age: Origins, its 2009 Accessible Game of the Year. They cite subtitle options, in-game colors, difficulty options, control options and more as their reasons for giving the Bioware title its award. According to the Executive Producer for the game, Mark Darrah, "We try to appeal to as broad of an audience as we can and accessibility is certainly part of this effort."

I was happy to read that Dragon Age is being recognized not only for its excellent story, art and gameplay (as it has been by many other gaming blogs and reviewers), but also for its accessibility. I personally enjoy the subtitle options (and the font used for subtitles! Love it - I'm a font geek), but what's even better for me is the voice acting. I love it when games have unique and easily identifiable voices for characters. When they start speaking behind me, I can easily tell who is speaking and move the camera so that I can watch the subtitles over their head. The accents are just enough to make the characters like Leliana and Zevran stand out while not impeding the ease of understanding.

There was supposed to be new Dragon Age downloadable content, Return to Ostagar, today but unfortunately it was delayed. However, Bioware has announced a new expansion, Awakening, coming out soon, and the news has me excited enough to overlook the delay in DLC. I'm really looking forward to having more Dragon Age to enjoy!

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