Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Visual Sound, Visual Cellphone

Gizmodo had a cool post yesterday about Suhyun Kim's concept for a "visual mobile phone." You can see the information on Yanko Design here. The phone can take text and voice input and converts them to either voice or text, respectively, allowing a person who cannot hear to use the phone.

The other awesome thing about this is - although it's just a concept thus far - it looks awesome. Just take a look at the photo of it in use in either link above. It looks like something one would see in a science fiction movie to really set the mood. Can't you picture a tough detective from the year 2352 pulling one of these out to casually call an informant (who probably also happens to be an android)?

...Anyway, I think this thing is awesome. I can just imagine other people being jealous of my phone if I were able to buy one of these and it looked like that. There is just not enough adaptive technology that looks good, too. So much of it is still beige and blocky. This is cool!

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