Sunday, January 17, 2010

I Heart Nolan North

So today Kotaku has a blog post about Nolan North and how he's in basically every new game this year. The author is basically sick of Nolan's voice and predicts that by 2011 everyone will be.

I have a confession to make - Nolan is my favorite voice actor for video games. Actually, he's really the only one I recognize. I guess my second favorite would be Steve Valentine, who did the voice of Alistair in Dragon Age: Origins, but that's only because I love Alistair. Anyway, I really enjoyed the prince's voice in the new Prince of Persia game, as well as Nathan Drake's voice in the Uncharted games. And waddaya know, they're the same person, Nolan North.

I really like having a voice I can recognize in games. For some people I am sure it draws them out of the game, but for me, once I know how somebody says something I can understand them so much better. Sure, there are subtitles but it's a much easier experience to recognize what is being heard and use subtitles to reinforce it rather than depend on subtitles exclusively.

So thank you, Nolan North, for having a distinctive voice, and thanks to the game companies who are hiring him for more games. It is in its own way a strange kind of accessibility.

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  1. Yeah I agree with you, he's a great voice actor.


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