Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mass Effect 2 is Consuming My Life

No, not really. Not like some other gamers. I can play - and quit. (No, really! I can! After five hours...) But just like the first Mass Effect game, this science fiction game is turning out to be very addictive.

I absolutely love the voice acting in Mass Effect games! All Bioware games, actually. I've mentioned before in my blog how voice acting in video games is so important in regard to accessibility. A good voice actor can make the difference between relying on subtitles exclusively and using them only to assist. As usual, Mass Effect 2 is excellent in this regard. Even accents are subtle and add quality and personality instead of taking away ease of understanding.

I'm playing with a female Shepard, mine from the first game. I've thought about trying either game with a male Shephard, but the voice actress - Jennifer Hale - is too good to pass up.

The game is subtitled. Thus far I don't remember anything that isn't except for occasional squad member comments. Unfortunately those are easy to miss, but they're also repeated often - they never carry important information, really. The body language is also pretty good. It is easy to catch the meaning behind words even if you didn't hear the character speak.

And the story - it has nothing to do with accessibility but it's so enjoyable. The game creators struck an excellent balance between bittersweet events and hope for the galaxy's future.

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