Monday, January 4, 2010

Obtaining Unobtainium: Avatar

I went to see Avatar in 3D last night with Scotty. I liked it a lot, though the 3D made my eyes hurt a few times (mostly when something was close to the camera but not actually in focus, or when there was a lot of action).

I did have trouble hearing the dialogue in quite a few parts. It's one of the ones I will have to get on DVD just for the subtitles. Made me wish they had 3D subtitling here!

It was strange - normally I can tell a difference when the volume increases for the actual movie after the previews are finished, but there didn't seem to be an increase this time. The most difficulty I had was at the beginning - trying to get used to both the 3D and the voices of the actors as they sped through some of the exposition was difficult. I was actually grateful when they slipped into the foreign language, because I didn't have to "work" so hard to understand what was going on both visually and acoustically.

I'm still glad I saw it in the theaters though. It's definitely worth it for the big screen and the 3D!


  1. fat chance!! it will not be in DVD for so many years.... dont wait for DVD or blue ray... Like you said, go to the big screens. the director said the same thing. Go to the big screen.. forget the DVD.

  2. They are planning to release a 3D-equipped Blu-ray player by the second quarter this year along with 3D ready television displays.

    Although it cannot be confirmed if Avatar will be in 3D the first time it is released on Blu-ray this year, but they haven't said no just yet.

  3. I doubt it is going to take any longer for Avatar to get to dvd or Blu-Ray than any other disc (even if it's not 3D)... they want their money from dvd sales and rentals, too. :)

    3D blu-ray and televisions will be really cool.

  4. I love it! It hurt my eyes a little as well. I didn't know if the 3D would work for me because on of my eyes is terribly nearsighted (I have ambliopia). I remember trying 3D many years ago and it was terrible, but this time it worked great.

  5. I'm disturbed that you would watch a film without captions and yet, it sends a wrong message to movie theaters that it is alright for them not to have cc films since deaf people like YOU went to watch films wihtout caption!


  6. Ridor - I wanted to see the movie in 3D and no theater I know of around here has 3D subtitling technology.

    I grew up watching movies in the theater without captions. I would prefer captions but do not consider them necessary in a big theater with surround sound most of the time. It is a non-issue for me.


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