Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bits and Pieces... Thoughts and News

Today a man came up to me and asked for information on "the mines. The Mexican mines." I was all set to do a keyword search when he further clarified, "the mines and their prophecies."

That's when it clicked.

The Mayans and their prophecies.

There we go!


There is a fascinating article at Kotaku about "Katawa Shoujo, an erotic visual novel set on a private campus for disabled high schoolers." Probably not a good read if you are sensitive or anything like that, but as a look at how media can grow out of the strangest of circumstances it is interesting.


Requiring registration for relay services is unfortunately not a foolproof way of preventing scam artists from slipping through. About.com's Deafness Blog linked to this story about how people are abusing Utah's relay system. Unfortunately they are nearly impossible to track down.


Do you guys ever experience the phenomenon of hearing your name when it is not called? Today I could have sworn I heard someone repeating my name over and over in a small hallway. Eventually I realized that if someone were repeating my name they would not say it in the tone I was hearing or so quickly repeat it. That helped me realize it must have been something artificial like a fan or something like that. This happens to me relatively often. I try to be alert to catch my name, which sometimes makes me hyper-alert, and sounds often blend together for me, so they can take on qualities that hearing people do not hear.

I remember as a kid thinking my friend Nathan's name sounded a lot like mine, Megan. My old hearing aids did not help me understand the difference between the sounds enough to differentiate what are pretty different names.

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  1. Good catch on the Mayans, Megan.
    I have thought someone called my name before - even to the point of going over and asking about it. Strange phenomenon. I have a very funny story of a time when I misheard my name that I think you'll enjoy. You can read it here.


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