Friday, February 12, 2010

Spoiled, Thanks to My Hearing Loss

It's funny to think that something considered a "disability" can make you spoiled, but there it is. I definitely am spoiled.

You see, like most other hearing aid users I'm sure, I take out my hearing aids at night. They go right into my gray little Dry & Store purchased from my audiologist. I set my alarm, which is a vibrating model, a Valentine's Day gift from my husband a couple years ago. I have that set just to vibrate, though the alarm itself can be loud enough to wake me up - because we share the house with other people and vibrating is quiet and sure to get me up.

The spoiled part, though? With my hearing aids out, I'm sleeping in total silence. I know Scotty appreciates this because he can have music going, which helps him sleep, and doesn't keep me up. With total silence I can fall asleep quickly and stay asleep. Sure, I might sleep through a fire or an earthquake - and I could, I'm a heavy sleeper  - but I don't care.

I have noticed that when I have to sleep with my hearing aids in - I'm thinking of a couple times camping when I didn't have a safe, secure place to leave them, and a couple other similar situations - besides waking up with an earache on whichever side I slept on, I also toss and turn all night. I find it impossible to get to sleep thinking about all of the sounds around me. I think, Does this racket go on every night? Does that fan need to be that loud? What the heck is that bird? Why won't it shut up?

Ah, yes. I am definitely spoiled. Thanks to my "broken ears."


  1. So true. My 1yr old has severe hearing loss in her right ear - and was the BEST sleeper in her daycare room. She'd just lay on her left ear and she could sleep through any baby screaming in the room.

  2. I can relate to this. My roommate in college loved that he could listen to music at night and not wake me. The only real downside is once I take my hearing aids out, I feel cut-off from the world. I used to jokingly ask "any last words before I enter the cone of silence?".

  3. Hey Megan,

    Have you ever thought about turning the volumes as low as they can go, then turning them to "T", so all you hear is that faint 'hum'...? I found tht when I sleep with my HAs in, I'll turn them all the way down, then to "T", and the slight hum and muted world is oddly comforting to me.


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