Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Closed Caption Complaint Rules

Thanks to new closed caption complaint rules, if you see garbled, missing, too-fast or otherwise difficult-to-read captions you can now complain directly to the FCC. You need to file your complaint within 60 days of noticing the problem.

You can file your complaint using their online form here, or email, fax, or send the FCC a letter. According to their article, the distributor of the content has to respond within 30 days.

What's also nice is that the FCC is now requiring that distributors of video content make their contact info available for how to contact them and get a response regarding caption complaints. They have until March 22, 2010 to give that information to the FCC and after that point the FCC will create a searchable database to allow consumers to search for a specific distributor.

This is a pretty awesome thing and the database of distributors is going to be very useful.

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