Friday, February 26, 2010

Three Items on Sight Impairment

I may be hearing impaired, but I'm interested in all kinds of disability news and accommodations. We are all connected, no matter our abilities. Today I noticed quite a bit of news relevant to those with sight impairments.
  • Kotaku has news about the visually impaired gamer who sued Sony in October, alleging that the company was violating the Americans with Disabilities Act in regard to the virtual worlds it created. On February 8, the case was dismissed, the judge saying that Sony is not a "place of public accommodation" and therefore the Americans with Disabilities Act does not come into play. This is kind of a tricky thing to talk about. At what point is accommodating a disability basically an impossibility based on the medium? Interesting to think about.
  • Mental Floss talked about Canadian Olympic skier Brian McKeever. He is legally blind and, when he races on Sunday, will become "the first athlete to compete in both the Winter Olympics and Paralympics in the same year."
  • And, finally, the New York Times (article found via Neatorama) discusses the decrease in blind children learning Braille - only 1 in 10 children who are blind learn the language. Many of them instead use computers and electronic media. The article is a fascinating read. The lives of blind people are devoted to sound. An interesting juxtaposition with the lives of deaf people.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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