Saturday, February 6, 2010

Update: Hear Through Your Jawbone

In December I wrote about a hearing aid worn on the teeth that uses your bones to conduct sound. Now Boing Boing has an article up with some more detailed info about the device, the SoundBite developed by Sonitus Medical. According to the article, "SoundBite detects noise using a microphone placed in the ear connected to a transmitter in a behind-the-ear (BTE) device. The BTE transmits to an in-the-mouth (ITM) device that sends small sound waves through the jaw to the cochlea."

The SoundBite is still being prepared for FDA trials, so you can't buy one yet. But it's nice to have more detail about this fascinating new technology. There are still some details missing - how do you eat while wearing one, and what kinds of hearing loss can they help with? But as a new and emerging technology it is very cool to learn about.


  1. Indeed! That is a very cool hearing device. This idea is so amazing. Imagine you don't have to show it to all people that you are wearing a hearing device


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