Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Volume Leveling Adaptor Ends Loud Commercials

One of the most annoying things about watching television is when a commercial comes on at a volume much higher than the actual show. Blaring commercials can be really annoying, especially if it's some annoying announcer or advertising jingle. Also annoying is flipping through channels and finding the volume different on each one. Who wants to keep messing with the volume control - especially when you're hearing impaired and other people in the house tell you the TV is too loud already?

I know for me, loud sounds are very annoying. My hearing aids seem sensitive to loud sounds and irritate me. Loud commercials can definitely make me jumpy and annoyed. (Yeah, I'm going to ask the audiologist about it, but some of it just seems part of the part and parcel of needing powerful aids.) That's why I was happy to see SRS Labs' new Volume Leveling Adaptor. (That's the analog version - they also have a digital version that uses HDMI for $99, here. HDMI can cause problems with closed captioning on televisions, though.)

According to their product page, the device "connects between your TV and Set-top Box, DVD/BD player, Gaming Console or any other CE device you wish to connect to your television." If your TV is not one of those that already has SRS' TrueVolume system to regulate volume, it might be worth checking into.

Thanks to Unplggd for the info.


  1. I am also annoyed by the loud volume levels of commercials. I will have to check into that device. Thanks for posting this.

  2. The SRS MyVolume Adaptor is the best solution on the market for ridding your TV of those pesky loud commercials. Learn more about SRS Labs and their products on

  3. Forget volume control! Replace the loud commercials with the music you want to hear. Check out the "TV Muffler Commercial Blocker" available on Amazon.

  4. Message from the future, as of midnight on December 13th 2012,the fcc passed this law


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