Monday, February 15, 2010

Would You Wear a Hearing Aid Like This?

Hearing aids just keep getting better designed. Gone are the old beige monstrosities from ten years ago. Now you can order hearing aids in every color of the rainbow, with accessories that look like any old mp3 player. Many people embrace these new options and like the concept. But would you wear a hearing aid like this one?


I look so I can hear blog had a link to this concept aid earlier this month. The idea was developed by Design Affairs studio in Germany. According to them, you should "Show what you got, don't make a fuzz about your problem. Be individual, be cool, be yourself."
I have to admit if I saw somebody walking down the street with one or two of these they'd probably get a second glance. Only the wire going into the ear betrays a hint of its true purpose. These may not be for me, but if I saw somebody with one, I'd think they were awesome.


  1. Yikes. Not for me. Cool idea though.


  2. Hmmm.. I agree with e)- not my style! Maybe it would come in handy for all of those rocker musicians who go deaf after constantly playing 120+dB at concerts. :)

  3. My BTE HA's are pretty much invisible. I suspect that wearing ear ring would be noticed with short hair and gray hair. More power if it works for you.

  4. I've seen earings like this. Ouch! Not my cup of tea. But to have them as a new designs for hearing aids is a good idea, for those who would.

  5. Great post. Love it!

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