Thursday, March 25, 2010

That's Not What That Question is For

On Tuesday I had a doctor's appointment - not related to my hearing but something else (turns out I have to go have some procedures done on April 12, which will be fun). They sent me the new patient paperwork ahead of time and I dutifully filled it all out the week previous.

One of the questions asked how I would like them to announce it was my turn when I was waiting in the waiting room. I could choose prefixes like Miss or Mrs., my first name, my last name, etc. I know they are primarily asking the question for privacy reasons, but I immediately made the decision based on what's easier for me with my hearing loss, more so than any privacy concerns.

I chose to have them call me by my first and last name. I figured, if I don't hear my first name (Megan - which can be tricky and blend into the background a bit) then I would definitely hear my last name, or at the very least hear a combination of sounds like my first and last name.

They went ahead and just used my first name anyway when they called me, but I found it funny my reasons for choosing from the options they gave me. :)

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  1. If I were in that situation I might put down something like "deaf" or "raise your hand". The look on the nurse's face, combined with their hand in the air would make it so easy for me to know when it's my turn!


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