Wednesday, March 10, 2010

YouTube's Automated Captions Now Available for All

Thanks to all of you for your great suggestions about camping with hearing aids. A dry bag sounds like it would be a good idea for camping with hearing aids - something I will look into next time I go camping (which will probably be in a year or so, for this same event)!

YouTube's decision to add captioning to all YouTube users/videos has been a popular news item lately. I first wrote about YouTube's automated captions in November 2009 when they rolled out the service for a handful of partner channels. As of March 4, they've made captioning available for everyone. Content uploaders can request processing on their videos, and viewers will be able to translate the captions. Of course, since it's automatic, there are pitfalls; voice recognition is not perfect, and if dialogue is muffled the captions will be off.

I haven't yet found any videos I wanted to watch with auto captions, but much of what I watch on YouTube is music videos and songs. I really like that this feature is now available for everyone.

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