Friday, April 23, 2010

Holy Cow, This Robot Mouth is Terrifying

Oh. My. God.

The relatively innocuous article title "Robot Mouth Used to Study Deaf Speech" didn't give me any clue that the video I was about to see was quite so terrifying. Deafness linked to this CNET article about a robot mouth being used to demonstrate the proper pronunciation of words. It can determine if someone is pronouncing a word correctly and then does its own creepy, creepy thing to show how. Then it eats everyone in the room.

Maybe not, but that's what it looks like.

Watch the video below and judge for yourself. No captions, and I haven't watched it with the sound on yet. I kind of wish I could watch it without the video on, too. Oh, and there's a scientific article about this here.


  1. read the comments in youtube what the general population thought of it. This is way before Jamie brought it up.

  2. mom & Chris said the same thing - that it was creepy. I on the other hand, couldn't stop laughing. it's quite hilarious I think, although I can't figure out what it's saying, so how is it supposed to help pronunciation?

  3. Creepy and I thought speech therapy with a person was hard!


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