Sunday, April 18, 2010

Netflix Adds Subtitle Support for Around 100 Instant-Stream Titles

This past Thursday, Netflix announced that subtitles are now available for some titles that Netflix customers can watch instantly over their Windows or Mac computer. (I just can't say "PC or Mac." PC means Personal Computer... which can be running any old operating system you like.) There are only about 100 titles available with subtitles but they are going to increase that number, and, in the fall, support for subtitles should be available on their DTV, Blu-Ray and game console platforms. They say themselves, "it's a start," and it is indeed a welcome sign.

I wonder why they were only able to start with a relatively measly 100 titles or why it seems it will take time for the bulk of videos to be captioned. Seems that subtitle information should be available for the majority of what they have, but perhaps they don't have an easy or efficient system of adding that information to their streaming. A lack of captions has prevented me from taking advantage of Netflix in any way, but if they start getting some serious caption support in there I might consider becoming a customer. (They would need to add Linux support as well.) I already watch Glee regularly on Hulu since it is captioned, and online captioning is so much more reliable than television.


  1. I am happy to hear this and I totally agree with you about Glee. I have it TiVoed on my Tv, but have found that watching it on Hulu the captioning is SO much better! But yeah, it shouldn't be so difficult to accomplish the captioning.

  2. Great post, Megan! I wrote about you and your blog and linked this article on my blog: :)

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