Thursday, May 6, 2010 - The Testing Kit Arrived!

Back in April I wrote a bit about the website and a special they were doing for DNA Day. They discounted their genetic testing services from $499 to $99. Unfortunately by the time I got home the deal seemed to have expired, but 23andMe was awesome and gave me the discount anyway. I ordered my kit a few days ago and just got the box in the mail.

The way the website works is, you order the service (either Ancestry, which details your relatives and ethnic history, or Health, which evaluates your propensity towards various diseases, or both) and they send you a tube you have to spit in. Then you send that back, they test the sample, and post the results online.

My results are not done yet, of course. I just sent the sample back this morning. According to the documentation I received, I should be notified my results are ready in 6-8 weeks. I am mostly curious about my results for the Connexin 26 gene. It's possible this gene is the culprit behind my hearing loss and it will be nice to know if that's true.

Here's what the inside of the box they sent me looked like. I had to laugh when I opened it because it looked very 'science-y' and intimidating! I even got my own little biohazard bag... pretty cool:

Expect another post with my results in 6-8 weeks!

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