Thursday, May 27, 2010

No More Silicone Molds... Hopefully

I really hate being fitted for new earmolds. That silicone stuff the audiologist pours in the ear always makes me itch and squirm, and then having to sit in the chair "chewing" for minutes at a time makes me feel ridiculous.

It's good, then, that the genius geeks at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) have come up with a way to use 3D imaging techniques to take a better, more accurate and much more quick scan of people's earmolds. It involves using a kind of thin membrane that's inserted in the ear and filled with dye. A camera inside the membrane takes a snapshot of the ear canal.

This technology might not only help people with custom fitted ear molds. It could also help people understand more fully the way our ears flex and move with our bodies and lead to better-fitting earplugs and headphones.

The system has been patented and hopefully will show up on the market soon. My audiologist is pretty cutting-edge - I wonder when I'll see this in his office. I know I'll do a little dance of joy when I do, as long as the membrane doesn't itch!

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  1. well it would be a good idea since it may cause you a rash

    that happened with the purple earmolds I got in 09 before I had the one excatly like my original molds
    why not try some earmolds with the non-allergic?
    it might help and same thing with me


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