Saturday, May 15, 2010

Social Spheres Fight the Need for Social Bluffing

Yesterday I wrote about "social bluffing," that survival mechanism everyone uses to keep a conversation going when they're not quite catching every word. Well, imagine my surprise when the fun blog Neatorama linked to something that could help eliminate bluffing - if only it weren't quite so ridiculous-looking.

A student at Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland came up with "social spheres," which are astronaut-like helmets worn on the head that connect people with each other. The spheres eliminate or muffle background noise, allowing people in bars and at parties to talk easily to each other.

Maybe they look a bit ridiculous, but it's neat that someone is trying to solve the problem. The BBC article is here, with photos of two versions of the social spheres.


  1. except these spheres would be pointless to deaf people... I don't find background noise a problem really lol... I would like to lock deaf and hearing in the same room and MAKE them communicate or find ways to do that, it's long overdue....

  2. Maybe you don't find background noise a problem but I definitely do! These would help me a lot. If they didn't look so silly. :)

  3. I wish background noise WAS my issue :(


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