Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Driveway Patrol Provides a Visual Alert of Visitors

Some of those things I just never seem to hear is the doorbell, someone knocking on the door, or a car idling outside of the house. I mostly just rely on other people, or I let the family pets be my "guide animals" by looking up or running to the door when someone arrives.

That's why I was excited to see this post on Unplggd about the "Driveway Patrol," which consists of a sensor placed at the end of your driveway - on a post like your mailbox - and a portable receiver inside which chimes and visually alerts you when someone passes the sensor. So, it would alert you to package deliveries, the mail delivery, surprise visitors, maintenance people, and anyone else entering your driveway. It has a 400 foot range, so depending on the size of your house you can even go into the backyard with it.

The best thing about it? The device is only $20 from Solutions, plus the cost of batteries. This (or a similar product) is one of those things I'll definitely add to the shopping list when we get a place of our own again.


  1. this is great for everyone, now i'm thinking about getting one.

  2. Awesome, if you get one, I wanna know how it works! :)

  3. There are several YouTube videos on this product but fyi the flash doesn't look highly visible - product may not be ideal for deafies.

  4. Consider using a signaling system which will alert you by flashing lights when someone rings the door. I have the signaling system in my house, and it works very well for deaf person. Doorbell, phone ringing, baby crying, smoke alarm, CO detector, and more. For example...
    go google to look up under Sonic Alert, Silent Call, Simplicity, and more.


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