Friday, June 25, 2010

The New York Times on Web Captioning

Before today's post, I just wanted to say "thank you" to everyone who commented on my post An Unfortunate Interaction on Wednesday. Through here, Facebook and my family I am feeling a lot better about the interaction. Those who commented certainly gave me some food for thought and some good suggestions. Now, I've had this experience, and I can learn from it.

In the past decade, watching television has become a very different experience. Not only do we now have digital, high-definition channels, we can watch our favorite shows anytime on DVD or even online. But, as many of us know, watching television online can be a frustrating experience without captions.
Family watching television 1958, from Wikimedia Commons.
The New York Times has a new article today titled "On Web Video, Captions are Coming Slowly." It's an excellent article and worth a read even if you are already up to speed on the issues surrounding online captioning. For example, I did not know that Hulu considers captions to be an important part of their business: " 'Users send us feedback about closed captions more often than almost any other feature, so what started as a small side project has turned into a very important part of our user experience,'" according to Eric Feng, Hulu's chief technical officer.

I have my fingers crossed for the current bill in Congress that would require much of the web's video content that has been shown on television to be captioned.

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