Thursday, June 3, 2010

School Announcements

A recent post from Cochlear Kids touched on the difficulty her kids have hearing certain announcements. It reminded me a lot of my own difficulty hearing announcements over my school's intercom and I thought I would remind parents and educators out there to take a moment to ensure all of your kids are hearing announcements at school.

My middle and high schools relied a lot on announcements, especially between classes. I would often be making my way from one end of campus to another, when the scratchy, staticky intercom would come on to summon kids to the office and direct kids to standardized testing locations. Usually I would be completely lost when it came to these announcements. Outside, with the sound carrying in all directions and kids surrounding me talking and yelling, I had no chance of hearing what was going on. Of course, I know now that I could have either asked kids around me what the announcement was (I was too shy back then) or gone to the office to ask (I was too worried about looking stupid when it turned out the announcement had nothing to do with me). Instead I would end up just hoping I would figure out what it was about later in the day or just forget about it if it didn't apply to me.

Later on in my school years some advocacy from my parents meant that I would get handwritten notes or my teachers would pass on information directly. It certainly got much easier for me to feel a part of school once that happened. It's just important for people to be aware that announcements are not always easy for everyone to understand.

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