Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Way I Hear (My Audiogram)

Last month E from Eh? What? Huh? posted her audiogram and ever since then I have been planning to post mine. I stopped in to visit my audiologist today for some more hearing aid batteries and some Dry-Briks for my Dry and Store, so I asked for a copy of it.

dB stands for decibel (how loud a sound is)
Hz stands for Hertz (the pitch or frequency of a given sound)
O is my right ear
X is my left ear

So as you can see from the graph, my left ear starts picking up sounds that are louder than 60 dB. That would be something like a dog barking or maybe a piano playing. My right ear picks up only sounds that are louder than 90 dB - sounds like jet engines, a shotgun firing, etc.

I have a progressive loss, but it has mainly leveled off since I became a teenager. My audiologist said my hearing has only gotten slightly worse since my previous test which was something like 4 years ago.

Also on the piece of paper I was given were the results of my Speech Audiometry test. This test examines a person's ability to pick out the words and sounds of speech. I was given this test with my hearing aids out. According to the test my right ear had 44% speech discrimination and my left ear had 92%. As suspected, I primarily use my left ear to listen to sounds and that's the one I prefer people to whisper into, etc.

I think it's really cool to see other people's hearing tests. E posted hers here, Melissa posted hers on her blog, and Leah posted her son Nolan's here. Feel free to share yours, too!


  1. Hi Megan! Following in your footsteps, I've posted mine too! :)


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  3. That's very interesting, thank you for sharing your audiogram! I'm planning to get a copy of mine to share, too.

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