Friday, July 23, 2010

29% of Americans Believe their Social Life Would Suffer with Hearing Loss

Check out this interesting survey. In this survey conducted by HearUSA, Americans were asked, If you had a significant hearing loss, which do you think would suffer the most?

29% of Americans thought that their social life or relationship with friends would suffer. I made a pie chart to illustrate the rest of the results (what can I say, I'm a visual learner). Click to enlarge:

I think this survey's results are interesting but not too surprising. Social life seems to be a big concern for people who have just been informed about their hearing loss. I am kind of surprised that safety is the second highest result with 22% of people saying their safety would suffer. Safety is not a huge concern for me except in certain situations (crowded parking lot, fire alarm, etc). However, thinking in the hypothetical, it makes sense.

Good thing sex life is not a huge concern for people in this hypothetical!

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