Friday, July 30, 2010

New York City Installs Hearing Loops on its Subways

Empty subway in NYC
I just read on the blog Eh? What? Huh? that New York City is installing hearing loops on its subways. Subway riders who have a telecoil or T-switch on their hearing aids will be able to switch to it and hear announcements directly in their hearing aids.

Here's a story from NPR about this loop; it's an interview with David Myers, who created He says, "Hearing Access Program in New York City has been instrumental in New York City Transit's installing hearing loops in the subway information booths, right underneath you." (Hearing Access Program is a nonprofit dedicated to improving accessibility for people with hearing loss.)

As somebody who is always a little intimidated by places that have a lot of noise and important announcements going on at the same time, I think this is very neat - and a wise investment by New York City.


  1. that's actually a great idea. how exciting.

  2. Now I have to visit New York City sometime :)

  3. Jeez! What a waste of money! Why can't they install the visual announcements to be the equal playing fields for all deaf people without CI, hearing aids and whoever have them.


  4. I found your audiogram thru a link. I have my audiograms and tons of facts on my blog. Your monosyllabic speech is exceptional for your degree of loss! What can you hear unaided? How much speech do you understand without HAs when people talk to you? Feel free to post comments in my blog and ill answer all your questions.


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