Wednesday, July 28, 2010

President Signs an Executive Order to Hire 100,000 People with Disabilities Over 5 Years

(You'd think it was something like "ADA Week" around here...) On July 26, the 20th anniversary of the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, President Obama signed an Executive Order to increase the federal employment of people with disabilities. The order calls "for an additional 100,000 individuals with disabilities to be employed by the Federal Government over 5 years" and that "Executive departments and agencies must improve their efforts to employ workers with disabilities through increased recruitment, hiring, and retention of these individuals."

And here is the President's captioned Public Service Announcement about the ADA:

(via Disability Blog)


  1. This is great! I hope the deaf are sufficiently included in the results. :v)

  2. Same old story during Clintion, Bush and now Obama! I work at Federal Govt agency for 35 years. I saw only saw one deaf new employee since 2009 and no new deaf employee since 1989. I was shocked my agency hired a deaf guy who barely read. He was transfered from another agency to my agency. He works for law office under my agency. I think it is a joke!

  3. great ... what this means is that more already former fed workers that are disabled or those transferring from other agencies tec willbe "hired" as I am disabled with 70% hearing loss and all I can get from a job applic - which usually takes an hour they are soo cumbersome - is a ranking that I am qualified but there were others with higher status or the job was cancelled ... Meanwhile would someone explain to me why our tax dollars pay for federal SECRETARIES to earn $ in the range of $37K to $57K?? no degree required and me at exec admin level over 15+ yrs exp can't even get THAT job??? But on the other hand STATE employees doing the important work of child support enforcement collection make around $25K??? pathetic!! I know another woman who works for a federal judge who moved from NC to DC, and refused to work with a new secretary so she is FLOWN in to DC put up in an $1000/mo apartment + living and travel exp & flown to/fro ON TOP of her outrageous salary for basically CLERICAL work for a federal judge.... WHO THE HELL can't see this crap happening???


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