Friday, July 16, 2010

What Assistive Technology Do You Use at the Movies?

I am curious today: What kind of assistive technologies do you use at the movies, if any? What is your movie experience like and do you enjoy going to the movies? 

Personally, I really enjoy going to the movie theater. I like getting soda and candy, and settling down in a dark and cool environment to enjoy a movie without any distractions. I also enjoy the social interaction; since I always go to the movie with at least one other person, I like being able to talk about it afterwards.

I typically do not use any assistive tech at the movie theater. As I've written before, many of my local theaters are pretty sluggish when it comes to technology like this. On the rare occasion that there is a subtitled version being shown of a movie that I'm actually interested in, I enjoy watching that. (As long as I'm with other people who don't mind the subtitles, at least.) The other technology, like amplifiers, rear window captioning devices, and loops, seem to be fairly unknown around here, and certainly not well advertised.

For the most part, I can enjoy a movie, catching around 80% of the dialogue. There's the rare movie where I catch less than half the dialogue - Push was a major offender recently - but unless the movie's actors have heavy accents or there's a lot of background noise and music, I can generally assume I'll be able to follow the film. But I don't go to movies expecting to hear every line; I fully expect to have to rent it and turn captions or subtitles on later. For me, a movie is more about the experience.

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  1. I don't GO to the movies, I wait for the DVD. Being deaf I am not going to travel and pay good money in the hope I can lip-read what is going on. 99 out of a 100 cinemas will not provide access anyway, and deaf seem to show little indication it is an issue to them. DVD's are cheaper and captioned anyway,and I have a large TV set so...


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