Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Guest Post: Digital Hearing Aids Care Tips

The following guest post is from the team at hearing aids seller, HearingDirect.com. For information about guest posts on Hearing Sparks, please see here.

If you are using digital hearing aids to help with your hearing impairment, you already know, they are not cheap. If you look after them and apply proper care, you can significantly increase their lifespan and spend more money on the things you love doing, like watching your favorite team play ;)

These tips have been accumulated over time and would hopefully serve you well... 

Remove it completely when not in use - This step will ensure that the device does not incur unnecessary wear and tear. After removing the hearing aid, carefully wipe it down with a soft cloth or tissue and remove any earwax which might have accumulated at the end of the aid. 

Place it in a safe place - When the hearing aid is removed, place it in a safe place away from children and pets. If possible, store it in an environment which is not affected by extreme temperature extremes. 

Avoid exposing the hearing aid to excessive moisture - The obvious things would be to not wear it while showering/bathing or swimming. Also avoid using hair sprays or gels when the hearing aid is in your ear. 

Try to ensure your ears are dry - before you put your hearing aid back in make sure your ears are dry and clean to avoid the build up of moisture. 

Clean and inspect it often - Be sure to clean the receiver and vent or tubing openings with an appropriate wax removal tool. It is a good idea to ask the seller for instructions on how to prevent damage to the receiver (loudspeaker component). During the cleaning process check the battery compartment contacts for corrosion or rust which will lead to a breakdown.

Replace the batteries as soon as needed - Many hearing instruments have audible low-battery warning signals – be sure to ask your provider what these will sound like; as well as how long you can expect the hearing aid battery to last. It can last anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks depending on the model, type of use etc with time you will get a better understanding about your particular aid.  

Bonus tips - Some insurance providers offer extended warranty policies; and if you are concerned about losing your devices, many insurers allow hearing instruments to be added under household insurances. 


  1. I have been wondering whether it is necessary to use a dry aid kit with my new Epoq hearing aids. They don't seem to accumulate moisture like my old Siemens hearing aids did. Any one have an opinion on this? (I live in the Pacific NW so rain is inevitable.)

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