Thursday, August 5, 2010

Guest Post: Surround Sound – Not Just for Movie Theaters

The following guest post is from Laura, a hearing aid center employee. For information about guest posts on Hearing Sparks, please see here.

As you can see from Hearing Sparks, the landscape of hearing technology is constantly expanding and offering better hearing experiences. Depending on your daily routine and specific needs – which can be found through a hearing test – your ability to hear sounds beside and behind you may be crucial. As a hearing aid center employee, my customers bring up this issue quite often.

Here are just a few tech advancements in digital hearing aids that can help you hear surrounding sounds:

Directional microphones – Some hearing aid models that use these help you track down and focus on sounds that you’re trying to hear instead of those coming at you from other angles.

Noise reduction – Hearing everything around you can be a disadvantage near a noisy air conditioning unit or in blaring traffic. Some hearing aid models have monitors that distinguish speech from noise, helping you concentrate more on what you’d prefer.

Volume preferences – The wrong volume level can remind you of your hearing loss or even worsen it. Many hearing aid brands keep track of your volume, bass and treble, and environment preferences so that you won’t have to constantly adjust them to fit your current environment.

Although there’s a wide array of hearing loss solutions out there, pinpointing exactly what you want and need is most easily done by taking a free hearing test. If you think you may have hearing loss, be sure to consult a hearing aid center professional or doctor.

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