Friday, August 27, 2010

Sonic Alert Responds Awesomely to College Student's Requests

I wanted to pass this story along of a company that makes accessible technology doing things right: I love my Sonic Alert alarm clock (the heart-shaped one). My audiologist sells them, and I've had one since I was in high school. These alarm clocks have an extra-loud alarm, and they also have a vibrating accessory which vibrates the bed or pillow, to wake people up. They're great for the deaf but also for heavy sleepers, like Justin, a college student who wrote to Sonic Alert asking for a few features their alarms don't have.

For one, the alarm clock Justin has doesn't time out its alarm. It will keep going - vibrating and sounding the alarm - until it's physically turned off. Secondly, Justin wanted the clock to be atomically set, so it won't lose minutes over time.

Rather than ignore his suggestions or just write back and say that they were taking them into consideration, Sonic Alert replied with the reasoning behind both settings and sent Justin a travel-size Sonic Alert alarm, which does time out - for free.

Now, that is cool. That's a company that is dedicated to its customers. I was just looking at Sonic Alert's website, and I never realized they make much more than just alarms. They have signaling systems, amplified phones and listening devices. Very cool.

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  1. Sonic Alert is definitely awesome. They sent me my first Sonic Boom alarm clock when I was still in grade school after they read my KidInk article in Hearing Health (this was around 1995ish). I did have to buy a new SonicBoom to replace the old one since a power outage damaged the old one. And I just recently got a free travel alarm clock from them as well (my mom commented on a post on Sonic Alert's facebook page and she won it, haha). Haven't used the travel one yet. But yes, they do have some pretty neat stuff.


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