Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Verizon Foundation Gives $55,000 to Massachusetts Nonprofits Aimed at Accessibility

Yesterday, Verizon awarded $55,000 to Massachusetts nonprofits that are dedicated to helping people with disabilities. Of that, $35,000 went towards nonprofits that can help deaf people, with the rest going to the Lowell Association for the Blind and the National Braille Press. Those that will assist deaf people are:
Verizon's philanthropic department is called the Verizon Foundation. According to their webpage, "The passion to lead corporate philanthropy efforts and create a stronger, wiser, and healthier nation and world stands at the core of the Verizon Foundation's mission. That passion, in turn, stems from the hearts, minds, and hands of Verizon's employees, Verizon's retirees, and partnerships we create with nonprofit organizations that have deep ties in their communities."

Check out this Forbes list of America's most philanthropic corporations; it's a bit old, but Verizon's on there, along with others.

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