Monday, September 20, 2010

Are You Going to See 'Hamill'?

Matt Hamill
Hamill is a movie about Matt Hamill, a UFC fighter who is deaf. I had heard about the movie but I didn't know it was coming out this year. Thanks to a link from Danielle at Growing up Hard of Hearing in a Hearing World, I was able to find out some more information about the movie and I am really looking forward to seeing it now.

You can watch the official trailer (which has captions turned on by default) here. The movie looks like it will follow Hamill from childhood up to his UFC bouts. It stars deaf actor Russell Harvard.

According to the movie's Facebook page, "We're currently in the final stages of finishing the film and shortly afterwards we will lock down a distribution deal. If all goes as planned, a distribution company will then release it in 3-4 months from now (They would need time to market the film properly before its release)."

On the movie's official website, you can 'Demand' that it be shown locally. I don't have any movie theaters in my zip code so I put in one for the nearest city. Hopefully I will get the chance to see this movie in the theater, but if not, there's always DVD.

Will you be going to see it if they show it in your area?


  1. I'd like to see this at some point, looks interesting, even though I am not a wrestling/UFC fan. But I am deaf. :-)


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