Sunday, September 5, 2010

An Evening of Standup Comedy, and My Hearing

On Saturday evening, Scotty, my sister-in-law Alicia, and Alicia's fiancé Chris went to the Tempe Improv to see Iliza Shlesinger. We had seen her show on Comedy Central Presents and it just so happened that she was in town this weekend.
Scotty, Iliza, me, Alicia, and Chris at the Tempe Improv; more pics @ my personal blog
I was a bit nervous to start off with, unsure if I would be able to hear her or follow along with the jokes. We arrived at 6pm to have dinner before the show would start at 8. It is essentially one huge room filled with tables. After it filled up, it grew very difficult to follow conversations. I was able to get along all right; luckily the tables are small so I was close enough to everyone in my group to hear them.

Likewise, the two introductory comedians and Iliza herself were easy to hear. We were lucky enough to be seated very close to the stage and I heard just about everything. I was able to follow along and hear everything just fine.

However, there was one problem with the evening. Before the show the Improv played a short video with some upcoming comedians and an overview of the rules of the establishment. This video was so loud I immediately had to turn off one hearing aid. It was so loud it was painful. I think we were close to a speaker, but there was no reason it needed to be that loud. They need more speakers if they are having trouble with the sound reaching all areas of the audience. My ears felt weird for several hours afterward, but luckily I could still hear the comedians.

It can be tricky to deal with acoustics in a large dining establishment with a stage. I guess it's better for it to be too loud than too quiet. Luckily it was short, but unfortunately it was so short that finding a staff member to ask to adjust the volume was prohibitive.

All in all, though, it was a great night.

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