Saturday, September 18, 2010

Universal Subtitles Adds a Deaf & Hard of Hearing Discussion List

I've written before about Universal Subtitles, which is aimed at having subtitles and captions for every video on the Internet. It's a really cool project and one that's easy to take part in.

Yesterday they announced they now have a Deaf and Hard of Hearing discussion list set up. According to the post, "We aim to make it a safe place to discuss anything related to: deaf or hard of hearing culture, open technology, and of course captions & subtitles of all sorts."

Check out the list here. It is fully public and it's brand new, so there's a lot of stuff to talk about.


  1. The technology in Hearing Aids has advanced considerably over the past few years, just imagine what they will look like and do in the future. Hopefully everyone in the future will be able to hear.

  2. Easily to take hearing test using Otoscope or auriscope. Otoscope is a medical device.


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