Monday, October 4, 2010

Animal Hearing Series: Sharks

This post is part of a series I began with Lizards. I'm really interested in how well animals can hear.

Sharks. I think they're awesome and so do other people, judging from just how much information is out there on them. But how well do they hear? Is their hearing another sense to add to a deadly arsenal, or is it a liability for them?

Well, don't worry too much about sharks' hearing. They've got it covered. They can hear up to 800 feet away, and are especially sensitive to low-frequency sounds. (They can hear lower than humans, but we can hear higher than them.)

They hear through tiny holes on either side of their head. The circular canals inside their heads help them stay balanced, and also contain sensory areas for sound. They can hear from 10-800 Hz.

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