Monday, October 25, 2010

How Does Sound Influence the Taste of Food?

Eating yogurt
Have you ever thought about how background noise can influence what you're eating? I definitely haven't. For me, in a restaurant, background noise is essentially white noise. There's no way I can pick up individual conversations or identify what music is playing. Now scientists are discovering that the way we feel about background noise can influence how what we're eating tastes.

According to this Telegraph article, white noise in the background makes food taste worse and made it sound as though it crunched louder. Conversely, listening to pleasant sounds can help people enjoy meals more.

It does make sense to me. Being in an unpleasantly noisy place (like right next to a fast-food playground) makes me enjoy my food less. But for the most part, all background noise is "white noise" to me.

(via Discoblog)


  1. Interesting post, and I have never thought about that either. But I can, like you agree with it, because they'd be certain situations I would enjoy my meal less.

  2. I agree with Liz. If the resturant is too loud or chaotic, it affects my meal.

    Interesting article Megan!


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