Saturday, October 23, 2010

UFC 121: Anyone Else Going to See Matt Hamill?

I haven't seen deaf MMA artist Matt Hamill fight yet so I am excited to see him tonight in UFC 121. Matt is going up against Tito Ortiz, who has caught some (well-deserved, in my opinion) flack over the past few days after his remarks about Matt: "He's been babied his whole life coming from being deaf of course and he's going to be babied after when I knock him out. [...] I've noticed he's deaf, so he has a soft head, you hit him with more and more shots."

Today I read Matt's response to Tito's ignorant comments, which were a lot nicer than if it had been me: "He likes to talk trash, it’s just what he does."

Good luck, Matt!


  1. Rare post fight picture of Hamill vs Ortiz

    I plan to watch it.


  2. Isn't he the one with cochlear implant? I'm wondering he have to wear a headgear because of it? If so, I'm wondering that's where soft head trash talk idea came from.

  3. to my knowledge he has no cochlear implant.. tito is trash talking that is sport thing and they are good friend in real live so trash talking is cool.

  4. Anon 2:24 PM
    Silly of you! Impossible for CIers to box. No way at all! Use ur common sense!!!!!

  5. never mind, This is who I was thinking of:


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