Thursday, October 21, 2010

Zippy the Deaf Boston Terrier Succeeds Where Others Fail

It made me really happy to read about this story from the Daily Mail today. Zippy is a deaf Boston Terrier who has been trained with signs. He's gone from being a nippy, grumpy puppy to a well-trained dog who has earned the Kennel Club's highest obedience award, beating out other hearing dogs who struggled with the test.
Zippy knows over 20 signs. The article has some pictures of his owner, Vicky Tate, demonstrating the signs and explaining how she uses them. Zippy also relies on Vicky's expressions when she's talking.

I like the idea of using signs for dogs, even hearing dogs. My in-laws' dog Cheyenne knows several signs and they really seem to help with training. Good job, Zippy!


  1. We have a 7month old deaf boston. We figure out she was deaf right away, and working with her with a few signs. She's an awesome dog. I can't wait for her to pick up even more - I knew it's more a "me" thing than a "her" one as far as success.

  2. We have a deaf shi tzu at home, he is very old and he was deaf when we adopted him. He is also partially blind, so he doesn't know any signs. I wish we would have gotten him at a younger age so I could have taught him signs.

    Zippy is adorable :-)


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