Thursday, December 2, 2010

23 and Me Genetic Testing On Sale

My 23 and Me genetic test kit.
Back in May and June of this year I was able to take advantage of a sale at 23 and Me to get my genetic results. Since I thought it was an awesome, informative experience, I wanted to let everyone know that the sale is back. $99 will get you the combined health and ancestry test at 23 and Me through Christmas Day, December 25th. You will also need to purchase the Personal Genome Service, which is $5 a month. (So, a total of $159).

I wrote about my own experience with the genetics testing here. 23 and Me tests for many things, including Connexin 26-related hearing loss, along with other things like psoriasis, asthma, celiac disease, drug responses and even fun things like the consistency of your earwax. They add to your report as time passes and allow you to connect with possible relatives (if you want to).

The Ancestry is also interesting. Bear in mind your results in this area will be slightly limited if you're female. I think the test would be a really good present for a male member of your family (your father, brother, or paternal uncle) because your paternal line will be the same as them and you can learn from their results.


  1. I would take this chance, if international shipping fee was cheaper *grumbles*, would have been interesting

  2. Bioniclissa - aw, that sucks that it's so expensive! I wonder if there are any companies where you are that do similar testing to 23 and Me.

  3. I missed out on a lot in my life because of my bad hearing and the free hearing test
    provide me with the quality of sound that is closest to natural.


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